Thursday, 2 February 2012

she's out of my league - the most fertile man in ireland

I really don't know why l keep persevering with these type of (so called) comedy films, as they just wind me up.
She's Out Of My League is an American movie with the standard bunch of loser mates in dead end jobs, until one of them (an everyday, average,  nice guy) get's to cop off with a beautiful (and yet intelligent and down to earth) woman, despite fierce competition. What a load of crap. A standard, run of the mill film, that looks as though it could have been written on the back of a fag packet in under ten minutes, with an added 30 seconds to write the funny bits. I assume there are funny bits, as l certainly didn't come across any, but then again, l switched off after about 40 minutes, so maybe the second half was a rip roaring roller coaster of a fun festival (although I very much doubt it).
The Most Fertile Man In Ireland was like a crappier version of a Richard Curtis project, just set in Belfast. By Richard Curtis project, l am referring to Love Actually, Four Weddings and Vicar of Dibley, not the class that was Blackadder (which ended up having a lot of imput from Ben Elton, which made it funnier).
Anyhows, back to the tripe.
The men of the country become infertile, but one (guess what's coming up!) ordinary loser finds he is outrageously fertile, so he starts getting paid to impregnate the ladies. Of course he also manages to get the girl of his dreams to fall for him, and gets involved with 'the troubles', but this is.....
That's as much l can say, as this was also switched off way before the end, with me dejectedly trudging away from the TV, kicking the cat, and cursing the film industry that produces such tosh. Starring Kris Marshall, it was so bad, it made me pine for the BT ads, and they are a bunch of crap as well.
At this rate, l'll also be pining to go back to work (I'm off with a sprained ankle for a week).
I can only take so much.

toodle pip

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