Monday, 20 February 2012

scalping in the wild west

I've said it before, and l'll say it again. Times were hard in the old days, especially in The Wild West. Not only were there the everyday struggles of trying to make a living, and just surviving generally, there was also the risk of being injured or killed by outlaws or Indians. Add to that, even if you survived an Indian attack, they would probably have scalped you, thinking you were dead.
This happened to the two unfortunate chappies above.
The top person is William Thompson, who was scalped by the Cheyenne in 1867, and that is his hair in the trophy case.
The fellow below is Robert McGee in about 1861, who was scalped by the Sioux when he was a child.
I bet it was mighty painful, and rather them than me.
As stated before, times were hard.

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