Wednesday, 8 February 2012

raising arizona (1987) - the coen brothers

I hadn't seen Raising Arizona for years, and l must admit, l had forgotten how good it was. I like the Coen brothers films anyway, but for some crazy unfathomable reason, when remembering this one, l didn't think it was up to much (Duh!). Probably watched it under the influence or something, as there was plenty for me to enjoy.
Herbert 'Hi' McDunnough (Nicholas Cage), falls for  a cop (Holly Hunter) while getting arrested all the time, and they eventually set up home together. Because she can't have a baby, they decide to steal one from a rich business man who's wife has just given birth to five, but things don't go according to plan (what a surprise). Two convict buddies (the Snoats brothers) escape and come to stay with them, and they are also being hunted down by a bounty hunter, Leonard Smalls 'The lone biker of the apocalypse'. Superb stuff.

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