Wednesday, 15 February 2012

off work and crying to john prine and the trip

Here's John singing the tale of the two girls and a rocky marriage

Bonnie Raitt singing John's Angel from Montgomery, which she has made her own. Some superb lyrics and a real feel of regret and yearning

If dreams were thunder
Lightning was desire
This old house it would've burned down
A long time ago

I'm still off work and been indoors for the majority of the time, which is fine by me. However, l am still going to bed really late and then waking and getting up early, so l have had a distinct lack of sleep for the last couple of weeks. This has resulted in a tear coming to my eye whenever l have been listening to sentimental songs, or watching decent comedy. This has not been helped by listening to some John Prine and watching The Trip (more from that later). Saying that, it's great! Makes you feel alive (and surprised l have a still functioning heart (albeit a dodgy one), not a lump of black coal in it's place).
Might have an early night tonight though, as post is expected tomorrow, and l don't want to sleep through the knocking.

toodle pip

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