Wednesday, 8 February 2012

mia at the super bowl (rebel rebel)

There has been a lot of (overblown and exaggerated) fuss about M.I.A  giving the bird finger while she was performing with Madonna during the break in the Super Bowl this year (instead of singing 'shit').
It's just what M.I.A and more importantly, the sponsers would have wanted really, loads of publicity all around the world, even if they may protest (in an unbelievable fashion) about how offended they are.
As for M.I.A, she also won't do badly out of the episode, and she would have entered the general public's consciousness a lot faster than she would have done by the usual route of album/tour/publicity.
A clever move by her really, but, much as l enjoy her music (Arular and Kala are great), the rebel/outsider pose is pretty crap as far as l am concerned. She wants fame and money (ker-ching ker-ching) like most other stars. That is why she agreed to perform, with Madonna, at The Super Bowl, in front of  a world wide audience. Taking the moolah when she can, and good luck to her. She is also married to Benjamin Bronfman, who's father is #261 of the worlds richest people.
Jammy bastard - yes.
Rebel - no.

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