Tuesday, 21 February 2012

joe is off the whisky

I went round to old Joe's yesterday, with the intention of taking a decent bottle of whisky round to share with him, but it turned out to be a sober experience, as he told me the night before that he is not drinking at all at the moment, as he is waiting to have an operation next week, and has been told by the doctors to lay off it beforehand.
Bit of a swine really, as l have been swotting up on the stuff, with the handy chart featured above.
Mind you, it's not surprising really, as he also said he had got through 28 bottles of the stuff between the week before Christmas and last week.
That is as well as the 5 or 6 cans he was having every day.
No wonder he is buggered.
Saying that, he is going to be drinking again after the operation, as he said he would rather enjoy his life and die younger, rather than abstaining from things he likes.
I'm amazed he has already lasted as long as he has, he has got the constitution (and body) of an ox.

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