Wednesday, 8 February 2012

it was 37 years ago today - oxford v manchester united

Christ on a bike, time really is flying by. After thinking it had flown by since Edna's funeral, it is rather disheartening to realise that it was 37 years ago when l was at this match.
I was living in-between Oxford and Reading at the time (at RAF Benson), and although l supported Manchester United, l was going to all the Oxford United home games l could get to (when they still played at the sadly missed Manor Ground), and followed them as my second team (still do).
This is because l was still at school at the time, so choices where limited.
As this was the season Manchester United were playing in the old Second Division, I got to see both of them together at the same time, for the first time. I have seen other games between them since then, but this one was special.
As usual, l went with Jonathan Knapp, a school friend who's father ran a TV shop in Oxford. The usual routine was l would cycle to Jonathan's house in Chalgrove, we would watch Football Focus, and we would then get a lift through to Oxford (Headington actually) with his dad. Reverse process on the way home afterwards (but without the Football Focus).
There was a lot of excitement that Manchester United were coming to town, there were issues with the travelling away support, as there had been various hooligan escapades at other games, and Match Of The Day showed highlights that evening! Get On!
To top it all, Oxford United kept up their fine home record and won 1-0, and Manchester United walked away with  the Second Division trophy later that year.
Happy days all round (for me at least).

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