Monday, 6 February 2012

cherry tree lane (2010) - paul williams

This started off so well, but ultimately, Cherry Tree Lane is just waaaaay too stereotyped and predictable.
A couple are at home, obviously growing apart from each other and hardly talking, when some lads burst in looking for their son, who has 'grassed up' one of their cousins. They then wait for the son to return home so they can get their revenge.
All well and good.
However....other things come into play that reduce it to an absolute cliché.
Of course the boys from the hood talk about their rough backgrounds and  they sometimes show empathy with the victims. They invite round a couple of girls and a young lad (as you do in these circumstances), and they display their ignorance of anything cultural (while smoking the weed).
They also seem amazed that the TV has so many channels, and can't work out the remote.
One of them even goes to the local shop to get money out of the hostage man's account (£1,500!!!), but they don't bother seeing if the woman has any bank cards as well.
The mother is sexually assaulted by the leader, which the other one left in the house at the time, thinks 'is out of order',  and the father eventually escapes and takes some revenge.
l felt like taking some revenge on the stinking idiot rabbit after sitting through this.
Unbelievable tosh.

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