Sunday, 5 February 2012

35 shots of rum / 35 rhums (2008) - claire denis

A strange one this. 35 Shots of Rum mainly deals with the story of  Lionel and Josephine, a father and daughter, and the people they share an apartment block with. It does not tell a straight story, and seems to dip in and out of episodes of their life, with plenty of close ups and lingering shots, so many viewers may find this a bit boring, as it's not exactly an edge of the seat roller coaster of a film.
However, l enjoyed it, and it's the real life way the action (or lack of it) is portrayed that appealed to me.
It's about loneliness, moving on, and dealing with life in it's everyday (and sometimes boring) form.
A work colleague of Lionels retires, but is lost and bored. Two suitors are after Josephine, and Lionel realises he has to let her move on with her life. They all go to a concert but the car breaks down and they don't make it (so hit the pub instead). There is a death and a marriage, and at the marriage (of his daughter), Lionel has the 35 shots of rum, as it is a special occasion. That's about it really, but that is fine by me.
Now where did l put that rum.....

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