Thursday, 16 February 2012

127 hours (2010) - danny boyle

James Franco film stuff above - the real life Aron Ralston stuff below

The true story of a trip that went wrong, 127 Hours stars James Franco as a better looking version of the real life Aron Ralston, who went for a hike in the Blue John Canyon, Utah, and ended up getting his right arm trapped by a boulder in a slot canyon. Unable to escape, he eventually had to cut off his own arm with a crappy 2 inch knife attached to a multi tool (after breaking the bones first). Rather him than me - l'd have stayed and given up. Mind you, my blubber would have kept me going for a while, and l'd have drank my own piss and eaten some ants before the water ran out (but that's another story).
The film mainly has Franco filmed alone in the canyon, but there are also flashbacks, a short back story, and some hallucinations. After all, you've always got to include some kind of love interest, even telling a true story like this.
The film flew by, and the suspense never eased up, which must have been a difficult thing to achieve, seeing as most people would know the true story (and the ending) beforehand. Franco was excellent in it, but maybe should have called on some of his Green Goblin powers to try to escape. I think Danny Boyle should have included the swimming sequence with the two girls (if it had to be included at all), as a hallucination, rather than an event (which never happened), but that was my only quibble. I enjoyed it so much, l am off to have a celebratory drink of my own urine, nibble on some rabbit droppings, and trim my fingernails as a homage. I thought about trapping myself in the airing cupboard, but l'm not that stupid.

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