Wednesday, 11 January 2012

war! urgh! what is it good for? pictures of the vietnam war

I know the soldiers currently fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan have an (obviously) hard job, but at least they volunteered for it. The poor buggers that were sent to Vietnam were mainly drafted, and didn't want to go (and as Paul Hardcastle reminded us, the average age of the soldiers was nnnnnn19). There were also plenty of brave photographers that also risked their lives to capture, as Kurtz would say - 'The Horror'.  Due to so many documentaries and films about the Vietnam war, it has become one of the most iconic wars of all,along with the Second World War. Obviously this has to do with the many available images from these wars, both still and moving, as the First World War was certainly no stroll in the park, but there just isn't the same amount of footage. I am so glad l was born in sunny Liverpool at just the right time to miss conscription and major wars. The pictures above are from The Denver Post and there are plenty more available for viewing. Just not many cheerful ones.
Rather them than me.

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