Monday, 23 January 2012

two nasty deaths via flaming bulls and child eating crocodiles

 A flaming bull - yesterday

A croc - yesterday

Lying in bed this morning and catching up with some of the recent new via yesterdays Sunday papers (The Observer), l read about two gruesome and pretty (one imagines) painful deaths.
In Navajas, Spain, a 45 year old man  was gouged by a bull after the man had slipped while joining in with festivities, which include being chased by the bulls. Not a lot of chasing was going on, as the bull did not have to go very far to take it's anger out on the fallen (and no doubt panicking) man. What anger? you may ask. Well, it's a bull for one thing, and it's horns had been covered in wax and then ignited, so that it would run amok while franticly shaking it's head, trying to put out the flames (and probably being very scared of them). So the man was not just gouged, he was gouged with the flaming horns of an angry and frightened bull. And then the bull stamped on him.  I bet he never anticipated dying like that when he was a young nipper.
Now some might say he deserved it and knew the risks. The other victim certainly didn't.
In Indonesia, a young girl of 10 was hunting for turtles by a river with her father and brother, when she was suddenly snatched by a crocodile in front of them, who were powerless to help. Nothing has been found of the body since then.
Thankfully l do not live near crocodile infested rivers, and don't go running with bulls, so l should be safe at the moment. Mind you, my house will probably blow up in a gas explosion now.  If it does - I knew the risks and it's only a coincidence, and l was not tempting fate! I do not believe in such thing.
Should be short, unexpected and sweet anyway.

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