Wednesday, 18 January 2012

this is england 1988

I can't believe that l forgot to post about This is England 88. It was on over Christmas and is another of the Shane Meadows series following various characters over a period of time around the Midlands (Nottingham/Sheffield) area.  It is one of the best things that has been on TV in the last few years, and the more you know about the people involved, the more you get swept up by their stories, their trials (literally in some cases), tribulations, and their general struggles at survival. There are betrayals, aggression, depression, humour, hallucinations, suicide attempts, questions of faith and class struggles. What more could you possibly want from your Christmas fare?  Happy stuff?  In that case, look elsewhere, as this was one of the most depressing things on over the Yuletide festivities, with the FPO weeping nearly all the way through the three episodes.  Great stuff.

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