Sunday, 29 January 2012

the sons of katie elder (1965) - henry hathaway

This is the kind of film l grew up with.
The Sons Of Katie Elder is based on the true story of the Marlow brothers, who, like the Elder boys in this film, are ambushed while supposedly being moved to safety by the law.
The four brothers had come home for their mothers funeral, and try to find out who shot their father. They are then framed for a murder and then ambushed while being transported away from town.
The Duke does get some revenge at the end, but after a high cost to the brothers.
I can watch pretty much any cowboy film with Dean Martin in, and John Wayne is his usual self (even after his recent bought of cancer). As a bonus for me, it also features a young Dennis Hopper as a cowardly baddie, and George Kennedy (from Cool Hand Luke) as a not so cowardly baddie, so l was quids in with this.
Also, Katie Elder was a real person, more commonly known as 'Big Nose Kate' and was very friendly with Doc Holliday. She didn't die until 1940, which is just amazing to me, as that seems so recent.
Top stuff.

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