Saturday, 7 January 2012

the slap (tv series)

Well, I finally got round to watching The Slap, and l must admit, it was pretty good. I'II probably get around to reading the book sometime in the future, but coming to it fresh and with no preconceived ideas was fine by me (although the FPO kept trying to tell me what was about to happen, as she has already read the book). A spoilt and misbehaving child is slapped at a party, which causes fractions to appear and re-appear amongst family and friends. The series deals with one character per episode, but non of them came across as  pleasant. There are issues with sexuality, breastfeeding, alcoholism, infidelity, and also underlying past issues with violence. Splendid stuff.
Now there's only the The Killing 2, Boardwalk Empire and Romanzo Criminale series to plough through.
It's a hard life. If it wasn't for bleeding work, l would have plenty of time to watch them at my leisure.

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