Sunday, 15 January 2012

sir henry at rawlinson end - vivian stanshall

One of the classics of English prose, poetry, flights of fancy, and music.
Sir Henry At Rawlinson End might appear at first as the raving of an old school English madman, but it is pure genius by Vivian Stanshall. Danny Baker often quotes the start ....

 "English as tuppence, changing yet changeless as canal water, nestling in green nowhere, armoured and effete, bold flag-bearer, lotus-fed Miss Havishambling opsimath and eremite, feudal still, reactionary Rawlinson End. The story so far.."

 There's lots more.
A character called Scrotum for a start.
Here's one of the first long bits (as we say in the trade)....

 "Tendril-fragrant honeysuckle sucked and honey-babed, close to the ancient limestone walls of Rawlinson; and Florrie, awake, bayonetted her turkey head from its privy orifice. It was a lovely morning: gorgeous beyond imagining were brassy hoars of winter-depression-fierce daffodils, blaring yellow-white reveille, and croci, gingering the lawns in tessellate Performing-Right-Society. No need for wellies, Florrie, shawl about her sparrow shoulders, took the interminable beige thing she was knitting into the garden".

We could do with more mavericks in the pop/rock/musical idiom nomadays

Class....pure class.

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