Thursday, 26 January 2012

pat benatar - between a heart and a rock place

I am not a great fan of Pat Benatar, but when l used to hang out at a mates place years age (Hello Stocky!), he had posters up on the walls and loved her. Through him, l was forced to listen to her albums and despite liking the odd track, was not convinced.
While scrolling on the Kindle, l fancied reading something light, and l thought l would give this book a go, to see if there was anything l had been missing out on.  I only had the book on it as l had uploaded a load of books from a DVD l had with thousands on, as there is no way on Gods green and pleasant land that l would have parted with my hard earned money for it, even if it was in a massively reduced sale. Praise the good Lord that l didn't have to pay up, as it was pretty dire. Nothing that interesting was contained in it for me anyway. Tales of falling in love with the guitarist and marrying him, falling out with Chrysalis, the record company she signed to, and trying to fight sexism in the music industry (while wearing skin tight clothes). Along the way, she wins Grammys (how, l don't know), has kids |(that, l do know), and goes on about her voice and her records. No sex, drink and drugs tales, and a pretty uneventful background. Ozzy Osbourne's book was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better (as you would expect). I wouldn't even recommend this book if l was a fan of the music.

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