Monday, 30 January 2012

out for lunch with the crazy cats

 Idiot cat in Tunstall

  Idiot cat in Tunstall

 Idiot cat in Tunstall on the cooker

  Idiots  in Tunstall

Trying to snow in Tunstal

Dragged myself out of bed this morning to watch The Sunday Supplement, then went off to to Louise and Dazzer's  for Sunday lunch, prepared by Dazzer and eaten in a kitchen that could well have been one in Beirut, as it needs plastering, painting, and units put in. Apart from that, it's great, and they at least have a new cooker.
The food had a bit too much on the old vegetable side for me, but there was cans with it, and it was nice and tasty otherwise.
Myself and Daz persuaded our FPO's to let us bugger off to the pub in Tunstall for an hour and a half afterwards (we have to obey a tight and strict schedule), but unfortunately for us (and luckily for the girls), it was (as we suspected it might be) closed. What a swine of a result (a bit like Liverpool v United yesterday).
We sulked back to the house, had another can of wife beater, then myself and the FPO returned home, where l promptly fell asleep reading in the bath (water in first).
Watched the last episode of Misfits (series three) which we had taped before Christmas, then it was the computer for me, bed for the sap who has to get up in the morning for work.
It's great being off work (not back until Tuesday afternoon).

toodle pip

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