Saturday, 14 January 2012

notes from a small island - bill bryson

Notes from a Small Island is the first travel book l have read by Bill Bryson, and it was pretty entertaining in parts, with some interesting observations and amusing throwaway lines. The only other book of his l had previously read was 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything', which mainly dealt with science, (and is superb, even with the odd mistakes). 'Notes' has Bill travelling from dahn sarf in Blighty up to the top of porridge munching land, using mainly public transport, and doing a lot of walking, drinking tea, and staying in crappy hotels or bed and breakfast places along the way. He gets a bit tiddly sometimes, gets soaked a lot, but loves the countries and the people. l think l may peruse another one of his books in the future, as they are something you can just dip in and out of, with plenty of moments to make you at least chuckle a bit. He has also enlightened me about the 5th duke of Portland, William CS Bentinck and his life at Welbeck Abbey, including the underground tunnels he had built. What a character he was. He lived the life l could only dream of, but he certainly did his own thing, and bugger what anybody else thought of him or his actions. Check him out.

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