Wednesday, 11 January 2012

michael jackson- the magic, the madness, the whole story - j. randy taraborrelli

The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, was pretty much how l expected it to be. Tales of being bullied to perform at an early age by his father (who drove those children hard), plus the dysfunctional family and tales from Neverland. I didn't realise he had known Debbie Rowe for so long, and there was some details about him and Lisa Marie Presley l had rather not known. Inevitably, there is also a lot about the child abuse allegations, and J. Randy Taraborrelli actually goes pretty leniently on Michael Jackson regarding these. He thinks the later court case regarding Gary Arzivo reached the right decision (Jackson was found to be innocent), but is more unsure about the earlier one involving Jordan Chandler (who's family were paid off). It is still staggering that any mother or father would let their young child go away with Jackson, and allow them to sleep in the same bed as him without another adult there to monitor and /or supervise. Jackson was obviously one really messed up individual, but the stuff about 'being like a child himself' or 'innocent and loving children' does not wash with me. He was an adult.  He made adult decisions all through his later years (some admittedly, not for the best), and if he loved the children that much, he should have protected them from media attention and speculation. I have no proof he was a fiddler, but l know where my money would be placed if l was a betting man. He still produced some great records, and looked great before all of the surgery.  As was said to George Best - 'Where did it all go wrong'?

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