Saturday, 28 January 2012

lookalikes - some good - mostly bad

 Amy - even better than the real thing. Looks good.

Billy Connolly - more like the cockney comedian Micky Flanagan with a false goatee

 Bruce Willis???? No way! Pull that vest over his ugly mug.

 Cameron Diaz? - I don't think so! More like David Cameron's spoon fed daughter.

 Our Cilla -  a lorra lorra testicles on this version

The Dame - Nothing like him, and he needs some sleep

 Reg, but with worse hair (who thought that would be possible?). Also, like a wino l know down the pub

The great and good  Frankie Howard - titter ye not - he looks good

 Matt Le Blanc???????????????????? Piss off!!! No friend of mine.

 Jose???????   That's even worse!!! The special one? Special needs more like.

 Lara Croft - she seems to have aged a lot and looks pretty unhappy about it.

 Patsy Kensit - looks like she needs a trip to A and E

 Becks - waiting for the muscular body, tattoos, and his balls to drop

Macca - been pigging out at to many (of his own) wedding receptions

Wazza - he looks good. Probably enjoying the Bootle prozzies right now.

These are all available to be booked here, but there are some right stinkers amongst them. I think Amy Winehouse, Rooney and Frankie Howard look great, otherwise.........I don't think so.

toodle pip

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