Friday, 27 January 2012

limitless (2011) - neil burger

Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as loser Eddie Morra, who has been dumped by his girlfriend, is pretty broke, and can't get his book written.
He bumps into his old brother in law, who gives him a new smart drug (NRZ) that is yet to come onto the market, and although reluctant at first, Eddie takes it (of course he does, or there would have been no film).
This transforms Eddie, as the pill enables him to access all parts of his brain, making him super intelligent, multilingual, tough, a hit with the ladies, and a lot tidier.
Eddie (naturally) decides he would like some more of the little beauties (tablets not ladies), but his previous brother in law just becomes previous, as he is murdered.
Luckily for Eddie (or is it?), he finds the hidden stash and continues to take it. He dresses smarter, earns lots of money, and gets involved with some shady people, including gangsters he borrows money off (you would think he had more sense), and Robert De Niro, who plays Carl Van Loon, a powerful businessman.
Eddie then starts to feel sick, is followed around by dodgy looking men, has memory loses, and gets involved (closely) in  a murder. Eventually (after a bit of bloodshed), he tries to sort everything out, and runs for senate, but is pressured by Van Loon, who knows he is on the drug, and offers to supply it.
I thought the ending wasn't that great, but the film itself was OK, and pretty good in some places (with some great cinematography). Bradley Cooper transforms himself in the film (the good looking bastard), and De Niro is back to his mean old self, and yet.....
The trouble is, films like this also annoy me, as l am always thinking 'He wouldn't do that' or 'Why doesn't he do this', as, after all, he is meant to be super intelligent.
For starters
He must have known he may be watched or in danger after his old brother in law had been murdered, after all, Eddie called the cops to report it, so the baddies would have known he turned up, and may have the stash.
Following on from this, he would have moved and laid low, while making some serious money, rather than being in a hurry and borrowing off a very dodgy criminal (or pay the criminal back afterwards, and then move away).
Rather than showing off with his new found powers, getting featured in newspaper articles etc, he would have avoided the publicity and played down how lucky he had been, to stay safe.
He buys a state of the art secure home for millions, and yet the windows shatter when someone is thrown against them (Pah!!).
One of the first things he would have done is make some more pills himself, rather than reaching into his stash and being surprised there were non left.
I could go on, but my life is already draining away as it is.
A decent enough movie, but they should make the effort and think these things through, but, once again, l suppose there would be no story, as these things (supposedly) make the thing dramatic.
It still does my head in - maybe l need some pills.

toodle pip.

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