Sunday, 29 January 2012

in the valley of elah (2007) - paul haggis

I know The Valley Of Elah is based on a true story (and it's where David fought Goliath), and maybe l was just not in the mood for it, but l tried watching it this evening, and thought it was crap. I was lent it by somebody at work, and a few people there had said they enjoyed it, but l most certainly didn't. I just hate the sort of films that  have an old soldier who still lives as though he is in the army, walking into bases and everyone  kowtowing to him, telling him classified information, saying they will withhold evidence (a hash pipe), and treating him like he is some general, rather than the sergeant he was. Of course there's a dodgy bloke in a van who can assist him with high tech stuff, and of course he is dissmissed by the police, until a disillusioned and attractive female officer ends up taking pity on him and helping him out, and .......
That's it, l got no further than the body being found.
The sort of serious, over the top and unbelievable kind of film l hate, even if the only part of the film l saw was pretty slow and bathed in misery (which l would normally like).
It's the last time l  take advice from anyone at work.

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