Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I am ozzy

This book is just as you would expect. Ozzy Osbourne has certainly led an eventful life, so you don't have to be a fan of Black Sabbath or his solo work to enjoy it.  All the tales are present and correct (or as correct as he can remember them). Of the tales, there are legion. Biting the head of a bat? Ticked off. Biting the head of a dove? Correctamundo.  Pissing on the Alamo?  Oh yes indeed.  Being taken to court because of backward messages on the records causing fans to kill themselves?  You couldn't make it up. Crashing his quad bike and nearly dying? Of course.  Randy Rhoads crashing into the tour bus in a small aeroplane and being killed? Sadly true. Fighting with a burglar while naked? Only to be expected. Driving for nearly 40 years without a licence and mainly drunk?  The only cool way to do it.  Going into town on the lash dressed in Sharon's dress and being charged with attempted murder after trying to strangle her? Naturally. There are tales of drugs, drink, groupies, poverty, thieving (and the resulting jail term), plus cruelty to animals and women (of which he is apologetic, and says he feels terrible for the pain he has inflicted). All of this is before l have even mentioned the Osbournes TV show.  They just don't make stars like this anymore.

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