Wednesday, 11 January 2012

the green hornet (2011) - michel gondry

Damn! That's an hour of my life l won't be getting back. I tried, brothers and sisters, l really tried, but ultimately, The Green Hornet just annoyed me more and more as it went on, until l crumbled (after giving it waaaaay too long) and admitted defeat. I don't really know what l was expecting from the film (not a lot, to be honest), but it is based in the USA, and it's from an American comic and radio series, so l shouldn't have been surprised that it was so American. The trouble was, I didn't find Seth Rogan (who plays The Green Hornet) at all likeable or funny (and he was certainly meant to be), as the humour was too American for my delicate English sensibilities. It wasn't like The Simpsons funny American - more like lots of crap American gross out movies American (with the sort of partaaaaays l would rather die than go to). I didn't find Kato (Jay Chou) that appealing (although l'll admit it was good they referenced the Bruce Lee TV series), and l just got bored and pissed off with the film it as it dragged itself onwards to a (no doubt) overblown yet ultimately unsatisfying conclusion. I did like Christopher Waltz as Chudnofsky (a Russian crimelord), but that was it. Crap.
I've got 'The Kings Speech' coming up soon, and l am feeling dubious about that as well (even if it is English).

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