Friday, 20 January 2012

the costa concordia and the captain

Obviously it is sad for the families of the people who lost their lives in the Costa Concordia disaster off the Isola del Giglio by Tuscany, but it is one shipwreck l would have survived from.  I am a crap swimmer, so in normal circumstances l would have no chance. On the other hand....even l could have swam to the shore from this. I would have bet a fine and bountiful wager on being able to float over to land on my back, eating my evening meal off my stomach (like an otter) as I bobbed towards the shore.
I would also probably have floated past the captain by the sound of it. At the moment, there are coastguard recordings telling him not to leave the ship, while he is claiming he fell into a lifeboat. There are reports stating he buggered off in a taxi, and he sailed too close to the Island, as he wanted to wave at a friend who he was on the phone to.
Now this all sounds remarkable and somewhat hilarious, but l would also be wary of attaching blame straight away, as there is the chance he might be getting set up to take the rap for it all and is being portrayed in a bad light at the moment, to take the heat away from others (The ship owners/builders for example?).
Remember what the press had to say about Hillsborough straight after it happened. It's understandable to want to find out as much as possible following an event like this, but conclusions should be made once the true facts have been established.
Never trust the media!

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