Monday, 12 December 2011

wrong turn at tahoe (2009) - frankc khalfoun

I can see why 'Wrong Turn At Tahoe' went straight to DVD, but it wasn't that bad, it just wasn't that great either. Joshua (Cuba Goodring Jr) is working for a baddie called Vincent (Miguel Ferrer), and they end falling out with Nino, a more powerful crime lord (Harvey Keitel doing his usual off the rails, bad guy routine). Lots of violence, deaths, shootings, man to man fighting and drug taking, but pretty implausible in lots of places.
Also, Mr Khalfoun does really spell his name Frankc.
What an arse.
Unless of course it's just a foreign spelling, in which case l will let him off.
But not like a firework.
I'll stop now.

toodle pip

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