Friday, 16 December 2011

putting the hours in at joe finnegans

It's been a busy old week. The FPO has been slaving away with her assignments, l have been working as usual, and l have also had to find time to go out and about causing my usual mischief, including a visit to see crazy old Joe Finnegan at his palatial abode, as he is still waiting for his operation and hardly going out. I had Ritchie dragging me out of bed to get some booze from Tesco's (12 year old malt Jameson whisky and boxes of beer and lager), which we then dropped off early doors, and returned at about 5pm, after a couple of scoops in The Wine Bar. We ended up going with Jimmy Cav and Larry (in separate taxis), but Jimmy buggered off after one drink, Larry coughed up some more Jameson's from his place, and a splendid time was had by all. Joe was certainly pleased to see us all, but l wouldn't have liked to have to clean up the next day. Then again, that's what he has Peter for (why get a dog and bark yourself? etc). Ritchie managed to fall on his face in Tesco's and send a trolley flying forward (before he had even had a drink), l whacked Gary in his crown jewels by accident in The Wine Bar, and everyone was very, very intoxicated by the end of the evening. It's not easy putting in the hours (a Keith shift as l would refer to it), but sometimes it just has to be done.

toodle pip

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