Sunday, 11 December 2011

please please let me get what I want - the john lewis advert and this is england

There has been a lot of praise for the new John Lewis Christmas advert which uses 'Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' by The Smiths as the music (but sang by Slow Moving Millie - AKA Amelia Warner from Liverpool - AKA Colin Farrell's ex wife). Now I love that song, and there is no way l am going to knock it (or the treacly, saccharine, rosy tinted advert), but to me, my favourite version of the song will always be the one used (performed by Clayhill) at the end of 'This Is England' by Shane Meadows. Very emotive indeed, especially if you have been following the story.
There is also a new series (three episodes) of 'This is England' on Tuesday nights and starting this week! Hurrah!!!!!!!
Watch it.

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