Thursday, 8 December 2011

the non apology letter to a crime victim

There has been a bit of a fuss in the last couple of weeks because a burglar was asked to write to the victim of his crime as part of his rehabilitation. He (the burglar) was obviously not sorry for what he had done, and, rather than playing the game and writing something false, decided to write an honest letter which (in his mind) blamed the victim for being stupid and leaving his property open to burglary. The letter was never actually sent, but people have been commenting that 'Society is going to the dogs' and 'The state of Britain today' etc, but whose fault is it? Now l have no idea who the writer of the letter is, but l would bet my life savings (luckily for me, that is bugger all) that it is a young 'working class' male, probably from a broken home, with his father either having left home, died, or being alcoholic or abusive (in whatever way). The young lad has obviously had a very poor education, and will live in a violent and poor environment (with the accompanying peer pressure). Now l accept he may be a little git and may have done nothing to help himself (apart from the burglaries obviously), but if he had decent parents and a nice middle class upbringing, l bet he would not be in the situation that he is currently in. I thought l was an inarticulate drunken fool (still am actually), but just take a look at the handwriting and mistakes on the letter. That person probably only had a very slim chance of avoiding the courts as soon as he was conceived. Improve poor peoples social environments, aspirations and education, and a lot of these crimes would disappear. I bet there are no convicted burglars amongst the Chipping Norton elite or any of the Eton crowd. Saying that, l would still want to twat the little git if he robbed my house.

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