Wednesday, 14 December 2011

the changing face of the spider-man comics and mary janes' larger breasts

Now l love my comics, especially The Amazing Spider-man (amongst many others). I also bow down to no man in my admiration for a fine set of breasts, but l still don't like it when the classic comics that l love so much are given a revamp to appeal to a new and younger generation. I understand it has to be done for higher sales, but l discovered and loved the comics even though l was not an American high school kid and a lot of the references were aimed at Americans and the USA market. If the comics are good, they will sell, but l guess in not enough numbers, otherwise the companies wouldn't bother redrawing them. On the other hand, maybe all the messing around with the artwork devalues the original concept and kudos about owning the comics. Then again, what the hell do l know, apart from Mary Jane Watson certainly got a trendy makeover and larger breasts. So maybe everyone's a winner (especially Peter Parker).

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