Thursday, 10 November 2011

winchester 73 (1950) - anthony mann

One of the classic black and white westerns, Winchester 73 concerns sibling rivalry and revenge, the Indian threat (and their treatment), and the ownership of the eponymous rifle (the 'one in a thousand'). Lin McAdam (James Stewart) travels to Dodge City (where Wyatt Earp is the sheriff), and wins a shooting competition hosted to celebrate the USA centenary of independence(1876). It is then stolen from him by the runner up in the competition, Dutch Henry Brown (Stephen McNally), and passes through various hands, until it is once again in the hands of Dutch, resulting in a shoot out at the end (you could have anticipated that) between Lin and Dutch (and guess who wins). There is an early film role for Tony Curtis, and Rock Hudson gets to play an Indian chief, Young Bull. Did I mention Dutch Henry and Lin are brothers, and Dutch Henry had shot and killed their father? Of course he did (he's a bad 'un). Shelly Winters is Lola, the feisty love interest, who also plays a mean piano. Marvellous stuff, and it takes me back to the old fleapit on a Saturday morning in Bootle when l was a kid (many, way too many years ago).

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