Tuesday, 22 November 2011

scenes of a sexual nature (2006) - ed blum

Scenes of a Sexual Nature has some vaguely interlocking stories of people out for the day on Hampstead Heath and it features lots of stars from the UK (Ewen McGregor, Catherine Tate, Andrew Lincoln etc). It's pretty easy going, and whimsical in places, but it also has you trying to anticipate what is going on in a scene, or what the outcome of some encounters will be. Pretty well done, and so much better than other British (so called) comedy-dramas with local stars in (I'm talking about you - Richard Curtis!!), although it was still outrageously middle class. Tom Hardy was my favourite character, pestering girls and generally acting wacky. Don't know why l should relate to that though. It's also another role where McGregor plays a gay man (I've just watched him in I Love You Phillip Morris). This is getting to be waaaaay to regular an occurrence, for both him and me. I think l need a lie down.

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