Saturday, 12 November 2011

recent (ish) photos from my camera

The Wine bar - busy as usual during the afternoon

Catterick Village residents (it's like a horror movie)

Scorton Car Boot Sales (every Sunday morning!)

The rabbit run before l hacked the overgrowth back

Rab still alive and kicking (well, alive at least)

Louise and Dazzers party for the house warming and little Lol

The wall in JT's

Idiots in the Wine Bar (Mr OC, Lonnie, Rich and Ditch)

Idiots dancing on a Friday night in Tunstall

Nothallerton Friarage Hospital waiting room (work in the morning)

The bloody grass before cutting it for bonfire night

Fireworks in the living room - no Health and Safety officer in sight

Mmmmm - Drink!

The Health Centre in Catterick Village (work in the afternoon)

An example of my sadness in front of the computer

The Health centre in Catterick (check up for me in the afternoon)

The river Swale on the way to Leyburn (opposite the caravan)

The beginnings of the bonfire and an idiot rabbit

Warming my tootsies at the end of bonfire night

Another late bedtime with the sun coming up

Bonfire night with a guy in the way

The idiot (and huge) rabbit being cleaned (and looking pissed off)

Thought l would share a few recent pictures that l had uploaded to the computer. What an exciting experience for everyone involved!

toodle pip

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