Saturday, 26 November 2011

machete (2010) - robert rodriguez

Machete has to be one of the most violent films l have ever seen, but the violence is also done in a kind of cartoon like and over the top way (Grindhouse fashion) so that it does not always appear real (to me at least). It stars a real life (ex) dodgy bloke (Danny Trejo) as Machete, and he gets involved with (amongst other things), assassination attempts, the cause of the Mexican illegal immigrants, corrupt police forces and drug dealing (and still manages to have sex with the ladies - even when injured and stinking). Plenty of stars are involved (including Cheech as a priest), and l was surprised to see how massive Steven Seagal is (or was), but the action and violence are the main reasons why anyone would want to see this film. It was just like being transported back to the 1970's (but without the Kung Fu).

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