Wednesday, 9 November 2011

london boulevard (2010) - william monahan

London Boulevard was pretty much as l expected it to be, although l was (foolishly and naively) hoping for a lot more. It's a gangster film full of cliches, where Mitchell (Colin Farrell), is released from Pentonville after being banged up for three years. He tries to go on the old straight and narrow, but (of course), gets sucked back into having to deal with gangsters, especially the daddy of the firm, Rob Gant (Ray Winstone playing his usual hard man role). On his first day of release, Mitchell gets given a place to live in, scares off some crooks by being cool and hard looking, has a party in his honour, then defends his sisters honour and decks someone. He then gets offered a job protecting Charlotte, a reclusive actress (Keira Knightley). He certainly fitted in a lot before he even had time to get his head down and take stock of his situation, but l guess that's how it must work in gangster land. Anyhows, the characters are all predictable, there's a lot of Laaaandan accents, violence, intimidation and crooked cops. Oh, and guess whether the star he is protecting falls in love with him.


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