Wednesday, 9 November 2011

les valseuses (1974) - bertrand blier

Les Valseuses (slang for waltzers/testicles) was released as Going Places in the UK, and stars Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere as a couple of bad boys getting into trouble, stealing cars, and trying to have sex with people. The film pushes the boundaries in a couple of places, and can be shocking in places, but l liked it (because l like that sort of thing). They pick up a hairdresser (Miou-Miou) along the way, then a released female prisoner, then her son, then get into more trouble. It's hard to say whether there is a happy ending (OK, l don't think so), as the film ends with a number of options. They carry on to do more mischief, they crash in the tunnel, or they are in the car that they had previously doctored (but with a different number plate). The audience gets to decide. In French with subtitles.

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