Wednesday, 2 November 2011

laurel and hardy in colour

Ok, so after the colourised Times Square comment (below), l have, through the wonders of the modern age and t'internet, seen some clips of Laurel and Hardy in colour. It is strange seeing them like that, and some of the colourisation results vary, but l didn't hate it as much as l thought l would do, what with being an old traditionalist and not minding (sometimes even preferring black and white films). The new colour films give you a fresh way of looking at them, and, rather like a bootleg out- take of a song you know well can give a fresh reading, and appreciation of the song, l think the same goes with these colourisation projects. The way l look at it, the colourisation techniques (and results) will improve, and if they are not to your taste, ignore them, there's still the old black and white versions to watch. Either way, Laurel and Hardy could be pretty funny at times, and some humour is timeless.

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