Sunday, 27 November 2011

judge william adams and the beating of his daughter

Although this story happened a while ago, l have only just seen the video of the beating and thought l would highlight it some more.
There is more to the story (and some developments), but it is amazing that Judge William Adams is even considered fit to preside over cases, especially those involving children, if this is how he behaves at home.
This incident was caught on film, but there would have been many more over the years, and for him to say he 'lost his temper' is pathetic.
His wife, even though l have no doubt she must have suffered the same kind of abuse from her husband, should also shoulder some responsibility, as she has a duty of care to her children. She did not just stand aside meekly and watch the beating, she joined in. It was to a much lesser degree, but she still did so. She, as an adult, should have protected her family from the bastard of a husband, and if that meant leaving and exposing him as a bully and aggressor, that is what she should have done. Even if her daughter was going off the rails and behaving badly, this kind of punishment is out of order (unless you have paid good money for it in a specialist club).
As a non violent kind of guy (most times), and also liberal in my views (as a concept, not supporting the current political party), l would normally defend the aggressor because of his upbringing/having a bad day/it was a one off/he regrets it/there is a reason for it, but this was obviously a case whereby it (the beatings) must have happened on numerous occasions. Beat him (the Judge) severely l'd say, then defend yourself because he had done wrong and you were angry (and if there is a video of the beating, say it is not as bad as it looks).
Notice how l never mentioned the daughter has axatic cerebral palsy, as that does not even matter. The Judge should be prosecuted and punished (severely).

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