Monday, 28 November 2011

gary speed suicide

I didn't know until watching Match of the Day 2 tonight, that Gary Speed had hanged himself overnight.
At the age of 42.
He was on Football Focus yesterday looking cheerful, and Mark Lawrenson said he spoke to him afterwards and he seemed fine, looking forward to an evening meal.
Everyone seems to be really shocked with this, and there are no reports (at the moment) that 'he had problems etc'.
It just goes to show how you can never really know what somebody is feeling.
There was the case of the German referee (Babak Rafati) trying to kill himself a week or so ago, and Stan Collymore wrote (rather timely, but to late too affect this story) about his struggle with depression the night before Gary Speed took the action he did.
I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will thing Gary Speed had everything they would have wished for.
A successful playing career, an international manager, a wife and two children, and still (relatively) young and rich.
It just goes to show, that all means bugger all if you have serious issues.

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