Friday, 11 November 2011

the defiant ones (1958) - stanley kramer

Another film about convicts (I've seen three today - it's great being off work!). The Defiant Ones stars Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier, who play (brilliantly) two convicts, (John 'Joker' Jackson and Noah Cullen) manacled to each other, that manage to go on the run when their transportation crashes. They both dislike each other, and Curtis is an out and out racist (calling Poitier a'nigger' and 'boy'). Of course, they grow to like and respect each other when they are on the run, and Curtis still manages to get himself a woman, even when he is ill, manacled and stinking after being chased for so long. What a man! (Once again, that's the movies for you). I won't say if they get away or not, but Poitiers singing would get on my nerves after a while and make me want to grass him up just to have some piece and quiet. The film also has an appearance by Lon Chaney Jr (playing Big Sam, an ex con who assists them and saves then from a lynching). A classic of the cinema.

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