Wednesday, 16 November 2011

toast sandwiches versus dead birds and mice in tesco food

The bird in the salad

The mouse (minus tail) in the bread

There is an investigation being conducted at the moment after a Somerset man found a dead bird in his Tesco salad. I think that is pretty disgusting, in fact, so pretty disgusting, that it is probably worse than finding a dead mouse in your bread, which was discovered by an Oxfordshire man - 'minus the tail' last year (let's face it, that's bad enough).
Yum yum - can't wait for tea tonight, all this food and dead stuff talk is making me feel peckish.
Whatever it is, l'll certainly be checking it thoroughly (especially if it involves a salad sandwich).
Maybe l should just stick to eating toast sandwiches. After all, times are hard.

toodle pip

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