Thursday, 17 November 2011

the basketball diaries (1995) - scott kalvert

Based on the book/autobiography by Jim Carroll, a promising basketball player who became addicted to drugs (mainly heroin). The Basketball Diaries was sadly lacking something or other, as it just didn't ring true, sometimes feeling too staged and over the top (although it did feature Carroll himself, who makes a short appearance as a junkie). Carroll (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), loses interest in basketball as he descends into addiction, and all the fun that brings (homelessness, lawlessness, prostitution) until, after a spell in the old chokey (Rikers), he cleans up and gets on with being a writer/artist. It deals with growing up and loyalty amongst friends and family, and also the hatred one can have towards classmates, teachers and society. There is an often copied fantasy sequence when Carroll shoots up a classroom (and the inhabitants) while wearing a long black coat, but most of the time his acting couldn't hold a bubbling spoon up to the cast of Trainspoting, which was sooooooooooooooo much better and realistic. I suppose these sort of films and tales are meant to put you off drugs, but l always want to have a bash and start cooking up the minute they have finished (or during them). I need help, as l am a very sad (and old) man.

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