Sunday, 27 November 2011

attack the block (2011) - joe cornish

I had been looking forward to 'Attack The Block' for a while, as l loved Joe Cornish on the (now sadly no longer with us apart from in cyberspace) 'Adam And Joe Show' on the radio (even if they are posh boys - they are still funny).
A group of youths mug a nurse, get involved with an alien invasion (as you do), but turn out not to be such bad lads after all, as they try to defend 'their block'.
Joe Cornish obviously loves his monster and horror movies, but l got a bit bored of all the chases with the aliens/monsters, and you always thought that the kids would redeem themselves and turn out to be OK in the end, but it was still a decent film that l was not disheartened by (and that is saying a lot).
Now if only they would crack on with some more radio shows.....
Nearly forgot. Nick Frost is getting bigger. I thought my brother lived in Leeds.

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