Wednesday, 19 October 2011

zelig - woody allen (1983)

A spoof documentary about Leonard Zelig (Woody Allen), a man from the 1920's who transforms himself all of the time, morphing into a version of whoever he is in close contact with, which makes him famous, and also a celebrity patient of the psychiatrist Dr Eudora Fletcher (Mia Farrow) who tries to cure him, but (of course) ends up falling in love with him. Like in Forest Gump, Zelig features old newsreels that have been doctored to include him, which is very cleverly done, but as with the Tony Blair film (see below), l thought it was another movie with more style than substance. A clever pastiche, but it left me unmoved, and there wasn't that much to laugh at. Thinking about it afterwards, l much preferred Forest Gump, which might have gone for some easy laughs, but it at least fulfilled the role of being both funny and moving (and with clever newsreel manipulation). That's why of course, some films become so popular, because they are done so well and therefore appeal to a mass audience (and life is like a box of chocolates).

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