Tuesday, 18 October 2011

judy and sally geeson

I'd kind of forgotten about these two sisters until l re-watched 'To Sir With Love' this evening (Judy Geeson was in it - see below). At one time (when l was a nipper, back in the day etc) they were both on the screens a lot, but it never really occurred to me at the time that they were related. I suppose when l was younger l wasn't that bothered, even though l fancied Sally Geeson in 'Bless This House', with the rather marvellous Sid James as her father (I still can't believe she let me down to run off and marry William G Stewart in real life). Then there was the 'Carry On' films, '10 Rillington Place' (which is superb), the already mentioned 'To Sir With Love', 'The Fenn Street Gang', 'Here We Go Round The Mullberry Bush' and 'Poldark (which l have never seen)' amongst others. The above pictures are from Judy comic, which states Judy is talented, but Sally is pretty. I bet that led to some pisstaking over the Geeson Christmas Turkey.
I have also just found out that Judy shares the same birthday as me (10th September), but in a different year. What a lucky girl she is, as are the other people sharing that day of joy, such as Johnny Fingers (from The Boomtown Rats), Cynthia Lennon, Siobhan Fahey (from Bananarama), Joe Perry (from Aerosmith), Don Powell (from Slade), Carol Decker (from T'Pau) and Jose Feliciano (solo). Phew! Rock and Roll celebrations all around!!!!!
Rather cringingly though, it is also the same birthday as bleeding Guy Ritchie and Colin Firth (Damn!).

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