Sunday, 30 October 2011

hero (2002) - zhang yimou

This film was a splendid way to spend an afternoon while the FPO was working hard (or skiving on Second Life). Hero concerns Nameless (Jet Li), a warrior who is planning to assassinate the King of Qin. Along the way, he meets other warriors and tries to convince them to assist him in his evil plan. One of them, Broken Sword (an excellent, handsome and introverted Tony Leung), is Nameless' equal when it comes to sword play, but tries to persuade him to give up his assassination attempt for the greater good and unification of China (possibly the world, it depends how it is translated). Will he? Won't he? Watch it and find out. The film also looks fantastic, and the cinematography (by Christopher Doyle) is stunning in places and has some highly effective uses (and changes) of colour. The film is so good, l may even take up the old martial arts again, as l used to be highly effective in the Zui Quan discipline. Ah, they were the days my friend, when l was a young rake about town, speedy both in thought and actions, with a devil may care attitude and hang the consequences. Damn your eyes old age!!!

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