Wednesday, 19 October 2011

a hard day at the colburn gym

Phew! What a day it's been. I have just spent ages trying to get into the blog, and had to change my password to do so. This is after being at work since 3pm yesterday, working overnight, and then finishing this afternoon, with a trip to the gym being thrown in. I was surprised there was not a lot of people using the facilities, but l suppose they might all have been at work. Luckily, l was not working out either, l was merely dropping someone off and then picking them up again an hour later. It's still what l would call hard work, so l have a right to moan about being knackered. Good to see the old sports field through the back doors, as they were the scene of many of my splendid goals and footie high jinks when l was younger (before the harrowing knee injury). Oh happy days indeed, when the sun always shined, the air was crisp, l looked like a God, and the pretty girls swooned on the sidelines (or was that one of my dreams?). Getting older - what a bastard!!
Saying that, there are currently two sisters removing clothing in my bedroom, with a promise of getting all hot and sweaty. l will have to go and investigate. Hope the old ticker doesn't choose now as the time to pack in, or l shall be shaking an angry fist at the heavens.

toodle pip

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