Friday, 14 October 2011

grave of the fireflies - isao takahata (1988)

I watched 'The Grave of The Fireflies' with the FPO the other night, and she was in tears nearly all the way through it. That does not mean it is a bad film (or l had done something wrong), in fact it is quite the opposite, as it is superb, although pretty gloomy. Based on a true story of the same name (by Akiyuki Nosaka) of the bombing of Kobe during the Second World War and his sisters death through malnutrition, it deals with a young boy (Seita) trying to survive and keep his sister alive after Kobe has been destroyed, and the hardships they endure. Brilliant, and who cares if it is animation, you soon get sucked into the story and swept away with the tale. Very similar to the 'Barefoot Gen' graphic novels by Keiji Nakazawa, which are also superb and highly recommended. Go and get your money out and buy this stuff immediately! (the film might still be on Sky, so funds can maybe be saved on that).

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