Tuesday, 25 October 2011

go (1999) - doug liman

Go is similar to Pulp Fiction, in that it has interconnecting stories, which are not told in chronological order. Although not as good as Pulp Fiction, it is still well worth seeing, and although there were no laugh out loud bits in the film, it had the odd humorous moment. Ronah, (Sarah Polley) is a a check out girl at a convenience store, and because she is going to be evicted due to lack of funds, decides to supply some ecstacy for two lads who were shopping in the store and asked if they could be sorted out, as the usual dealer in the store had gone to Las Vegas. The lads turn out to be working undercover (but there is more to their story), and (of course), the deal goes wrong. Shootings, car chases, sex and inappropriate sexual advances all occur, but things work out in the end (and it is Christmas). I checked it out because it was by Doug Liman, who also did 'The Bourne Identity', but then again, he also did 'Mr and Mrs Smith', so l shouldn't have used that as guidance. It also stars a young Katie Holmes, the future beard (I mean wife) of Tom Cruise.

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